Frequently asked questions

What is Lokalista.Net? is a online digital listing service which provide locals access to information on the tip of their fingers. When you look for a tradesman or a professional around town our database only stores qualified individuals that meet your needs. Qualified in terms of years of experience, no criminal record and truthful credentials. We do not intervene with contracts between the consumer and tradesman. We simply advertise tradesman or professionals. We enlist You... Customers Contact You... No Commission Guaranteed

How to be listed in the website?

Just follow the steps: 1. Click the Sign Up link at the menu 2. Fill with your details and submit 3. Wait for our call/interview within 24 hours 4. Complete your requirements 5. Wait for our feedback within 24-48 hours

Can I use my personal URL to other websites?

Certainly, as long as you are a current subscriber. The beauty with Lokalista.Net is your online profile URL (web address) is relative to your full name and nobody else can have it but this is system generated. Once subscription has expired you will not see anything in the URL but it is still active.

Why is this a paid service and not free compared to other websites?

This is a paid service because we only enlist qualified applicants and not some random tradesman, there is a careful assessment process for all submitted applications which means the team will diligently check your background based on the files submitted as per requirement. This service is meant to protect the consumer and at the same time the tradesman. No criminal record, truthful credentials and qualified experience. On the other hand, the free website offered by the many do not have control over the profiles created which means no one knows if those were credible, truthful and qualified. While with, you are in the exclusive online digital list. We enlist You... Customers Contact You... No Commission Guaranteed

Can I google search myself linked to Lokalista?

Google search indexing(scanning takes about an hour or two every day before you see yourself (if recently listed) in the search result. Now depends on how uncommon your name is and engagement to other websites then you will be on top of the search result. Try it!

I am tradesman, what's the benefit of signing up with you? was conceptualized to help skilled Filipino tradesmen. This is the very reason we do not take commissions from your sales. Imagine if you are an electrician and signed up with other job websites. They will negotiate the contract for you but gets a 10% commission from the total project cost. If for instance your total project cost is valued at P20,000 you will lose 10% or P2,000 as commission. In comparison, will only cost you P200 per month as space rental for your online profile (no hidden charges). All negotiations will be between you and the customer. The more customers you get through our website, the bigger your earnings, the happier we are to be of service to you. We enlist You... Customers Contact You... No Commission Guaranteed